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Midterm 1 Answer Key

Midterm 1 Answer Key - Midterm 1 Key 1 The insecticide...

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Midterm 1 Key 1. The insecticide, Imidacloprid, affects bees by changing foraging preferences (altering sugar responsiveness.) A 2. The melting of floating ice raises sea level. B 3. Raising meat requires 2x as much water as growing soybean. B 4. The United States consumes roughly 25 percent of the world's energy budget. A 5. Coal Power requires the most lifetime land use of all energy sources. B 6. Deforestation causes oceans to become more acidic. A 7. How much of California’s energy budget is devoted to water transport/purification? a) 2% b) 10% c) 30% d) 40% e) 60% 8. Which of the following is a benefit to eating vegetarian? a) Lower incidence of vaginal infection b) Reduced risk of cancer c) Better digestion d) Both B and C e) All of the above 9. Which class of organism has the highest number of species classified as 'threatened'? a) Insects b) Birds c) Fish d) Reptiles e) Mammals 10. The Kyoto Protocol intended to reduce emissions by Annex I industrialized nations by what percent by 2012? a) 2% b) 5% c) 10% d) 23% e) 50% 11. Which of the following is true about probiotics? derived from inulin
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12. What primarily caused the loss of Easter Island's human population? eruption 13. Where in the atmosphere does ozone damage lung tissue and contribute to respiratory disease? a) Mesosphere b) Troposphere c) Spiralsphere d) Stratosphere e) Thermosphere 14. Which of the following did the Copenhagen Diagnosis evaluate? a) Rise
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