6.1.11 - 6/1/11 Bild 18 International Environmental Policy...

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6/1/11 Bild 18 International Environmental Policy What global effects have been made to save the Earth? Environmental values o 34 of the world’s nations gain more economic benefits from their natural resources than their entire industrial segments. o It is estimated that the world gains $38 trillion worth of free services from the environment every year. o The world’s GDP from industry is $18 trillion. o The gap between the rich and the poor is larger than ever. o In 1995, the U.S. Department of Energy reported that the U.S. could cut carbon emissions to 1990 levels by 2010 with NO NET LOSS to the U.S. economy. o Environmental politics is considered ‘low’ politics, and is always considered less important than economic or military issues. Action is needed on all levels! o Environmental degradation occurs on all levels and needs to be dealt with on all levels: Local issues: air and water pollution, toxic waste, change of local land use Regional and trans-boundary issues: downstream air and water pollution, land use change Global issues: depletion of ozone, climate change, loss of biodiversity, overpopulation, persistent organic pollutants Why should we care? o There are three main schools of thought o Three divergent views of environmentalism: Anthropocentric view: Ecosystems are only valuable in so far as they meet human needs. Middle ground: Human needs are important, but the environment is worth more than just the sum of its economic benefits. It therefore requires protection. Eco-centric view: Nature has an intrinsic value independent of its economic use to humans; it must be protected in its own right. Ancient History o 1872: Yellowstone National Park is founded, the first National Park in the U.S. o
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6.1.11 - 6/1/11 Bild 18 International Environmental Policy...

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