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BILD 18 - Quiz Answers - Quiz #9 - SunGod How do you get...

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Quiz #9 - SunGod How do you get water at SunGod? Water bottle, fountain, etc. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- Quiz #10 1. What were some (3-4) of the inaccuracies of the SE fertility model? •It does not explain the connection between decision and results. •It uses an inappropriate model of reproductive decision making by basing the choice on economic circumstances alone; it therefore makes assumptions which do not fit human reproductive biology. •It is not successfully predictive. 2. What is the evidence that the human fertility rate throughout the world is determined by the availability of contraception and abortion services? 1.Countries with easy access to family planning options, backed up with safe abortion, have low or rapidly declining fertility – regardless of economic conditions or culture. 2.ALL countries with replacement level TFR or lower have access to safe abortion for ALL (including poor) women. 3.Where family planning is easy to get, contraceptive prevalence between groups of different socioeconomic characteristics falls away. Compare pakistan, nigeria, and ethiopia to columbia, bangladesh, thailand, south korea
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BILD 18 - Quiz Answers - Quiz #9 - SunGod How do you get...

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