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Unformatted text preview: For Women’s Liberation, the emancipation of all humanity, and a planet capable of sustainable production production The earth is in a state of emergency. The greatest Moral issue of our time is the plunder of our planet, the environmental crisis, and the survival of humanity. survival We seldom see this moral issue linked with women’s liberation. As Carol Joffee says in her Dispatches from the Abortion Wars: “Cliché though it from “Cliché may be, there really are abortion wars raging in the United States, wars fought on numerous fronts.” on American Life League Denies the dangers of pollution, global warming, species extinction. species Mission Statement: “A.L.L. denies Mission the moral acceptability of artificial birth control and encourages each individual to trust in God, to surrender to His will, and be presurrender disposed to welcoming children.” Pro-life Encyclopedia Pro-life “Contraception cannot be separated from Contraception abortion… they are virtually indistinguishable in virtually the psychological, physical and legal sense… the those individuals who use artificial those contraception take the critical step of separating sex from procreation. Contraception not abortion was the first step down the slippery abortion slope” slope” THIS IS THERE MORALITY I am going to take a diametrically opposite moral position from these groups and their ideology and say: position When it comes to women there is When only ONE moral question: only 1. Will women be fully emancipated human 1. beings in control of their lives and reproduction? reproduction? OR 2. Will we be forced to submit to patriarchal 2. male authority and to breed against our will? will? An EMBRYO is a fetus from fertilization until 8 weeks gestation fertilization First Week – blastocyst implants about day 7 Embryonic development Embryonic 5 weeks 7 weeks 61.3% of abortions before 9 weeks Fetal development Fetal 10 week 12 week 88.7% of abortions are within the first trimester Second Trimester Second 14 week fetus 20 week fetus A fetus cannot survive outside of the uterus until 21 weeks – and then only with a great deal of technological support Life Magazine pictures by Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson Every picture you see of a fetus leaves out the woman who is carrying it carrying The changes that are taking place are only taking place because the woman’s physiology is making these changes happen. A fetus is not a baby fetus 1. It is a clump of cells completely dependent It on the woman - with the potential to become a human being 2. become 2. It cannot survive on its own. It gets oxygen It and nutrients from the woman’s blood and excretes waste through the woman. 3. This is true until it is born and becomes a 3. This baby. 2004 from 2004 Early abortions are the safest procedure a woman can get procedure In fact, there is a procedures that can be In done by almost anyone, called menstrual aspirations, that is safe and effective. aspirations, But I don’t promote that because it gives up But on fighting to keep abortion legal, safe, and assessible. and Why do women get late term abortions? late Why don’t they just Why get early? get Many of them are so young they don’t even know Many they’re pregnant – or victim of incest or rape Y and don’t dare tell anyone until it is very late. and Severely deformed fetus or to save the life of the mother the Difficulty getting an abortion – so they have to wait so 87% of all U.S. Counties do not 87% not have any abortion providers. have Most of the women needing 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions live in these rural areas. these The number of hospitals providing abortion services has greatly diminished since 1980 has Number of Providers 1600 1400 1200 Abortion clinic 1000 800 Other clinic 600 Hospital 400 Physicians' office 200 0 1980 1984 1988 1992 1996 2000 Source: Finer and Henshaw, 2003 Number of trained Doctors has decreased: decreased: Nationally: 1982 2,908 doctors 1982 2005 1,787 doctors State examples: Mississippi 1 clinic Kansas 2 clinics 57% of all ob/gyns who perform abortion are 50 57% years of age or older. years Restrictive laws Restrictive Example: Mississippi has one abortion clinic in Example Mississippi Jackson, Mississippi, which passed a law in 1992 requiring a woman to receive in person information about the fetus and “alternatives” to abortion and then wait at least 24 hours before getting an abortion. before When this law was passed late term When abortions increased by 53% abortions Fake clinics Fake It is long past due that we re-seize the moral high ground and the initiative on this issue initiative Their morality – no sex until marriage and then all the babies you can make. you They say they are saving They babies… babies… Our morality Our Women who do not have the right to choose whether or not to have sex and choose whether to take any pregnancy to term at any stage, for any reason, have been reduced to a position of a slave. reduced The anti-abortion movement is not proThe llife it is anti-women – it is about ife anti-women controlling women controlling Many of you women probably don’t feel Many controlled since you’re going to school and see women doctors, lawyers, and prominent politicians that are women. But let’s look at what is happening to women today – Everywhere you look women are being held down and slammed backward. held On the one hand you have been surrounded by messages that your worth is bound up with their “attractiveness” “attractiveness” Everywhere you see ads with women being demeaned or in this case raped case And at the same time you are told to save it until marriage – Purity ball save And then after you find Mr. right … In the U.S. a woman is beaten by her partner every 15 seconds and three women are killed every day by possessive lovers and abusive husbands. and Take a look around the world and you’ll see baby girls being sold into adoption. see Check out the bible where women should be stoned to death if they are not virgins on their wedding night. not The fabric of women’s oppression is carved deeply into the hands of garment workers in Korea. garment Draped over the faces of young women in Saudi Arabia and Indonesia Indonesia Stripped off the bodies of girls in the Phillipines and Moldovia the Worn like a prize by pre-teens who are taught to dress and move like sex objects – long before they know what sex is. they Ropes back in history Ropes The fabric winds around the globe to places like Congo places To live like this on this planet in the 21st century cannot be the justified and should not be accepted. None of this can be tolerated or excused away with counsel of patience. counsel We need a revolution! We Four Alls Four 1. All the class divisions in society. 2. All the productive relations based on All these class divisions these 3. All the social relations bound up with All those productive relations. those 4. All the ideas that flow from those class All relations. relations. The Revolution We Need… We The Leadership The We Have We . A Message, And A Call, From the Revolutionary Communist Message, Party, USA Party, Now is not yet the time to make that revolution that But we can fight today to break down every barrier But to women’s full emancipation in every realm of society and their full participation in every aspect of struggle to transform society. of Fight the power and transform the people for the Fight day when millions of people are in the street aiming their blows at the capitalist imperialist system. system. Revolutionary state power can be a Revolutionary most liberating thing! most Imagine if the pent up anger – as well as the creativity and yearning for a different way of living that burns inside women were unleashed and given conscious direction. direction Imagine: Imagine: You could walk home at night You knowing that they would not be attacked or raped in their house or on the way by police, strangers, neighbors or even a family member in your own home.. home.. Imagine Imagine A woman would never again have to sell her woman body to feed her children. body Women are not evaluated on the basis of Women physical beauty standards, where their human worth and potential is reduced to a body part – but are related to as human beings. beings. Imagine If abortion and birth control were available to all women at all times without stigma or apology. shame on women for exercising these most fundamental rights. fundamental All of that is not only possible but tremendous accomplishments in this direction have actually been made in the first stage of communist revolution. revolution In China before the efore In revolution: A wife married is like a pony bought – I’ll ride her and whip her as I please’ was replaced with a new motto ‘Women Hold Women Up Half the Sky’ Up The first Law passed by the new government was the marriage Law After the revolution After But the revolutions in China and the Soviet Union were reversed and the first stage of communist revolution ended more than 40 years ago and capitalism was restored capitalism China is now a China sweatshop nation with a new wealthy elite rising above the rest. rest. The Revolutionary Communist Party has launched a campaign to build a movement for revolution a second stage of communist revolution revolution which includes key principals of which sustainable development. sustainable There is an untapped well of anger that burns within women all over the planet. Women are half of humanity and reproductive freedom for women is pivotal. women ...
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