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Test 1 Master 2WW3 Multiple Choice Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. Which of the following is not part of the hydrologic cycle? a. Evaporation b. Transpiration c. Run-off d. Precipitation e. All of the above are part of the hydrological cycle 2. Which of the following countries has the least amount of freshwater resources? a. United States b. India c. Russia d. Canada 3. In Los Angeles, California, which is the most likely reason for stress on the area’s river basins? a. High population b. Low rainfall c. Urbanization and sprawl d. Overuse of water e. All of the above 4. Which area of the world is exceeding their water supply? a. Central North America b. Northern Africa c. Northern Russia d. Northern South America 5. Why does Vancouver, BC get more precipitation than Calgary, Alberta? a. Because the year-round air temperature in Vancouver is warmer than Calgary b. Actually, Calgary gets more precipitation c. Rainshadow effect from the Rocky Mountains creates dry air over Calgary d. Moist, warm air from the Pacific Ocean rises and creates precipitation in Vancouver e. C and D 6. Why does Hawaii have such different precipitation extremes? a. Because it is an island b. Because there are major changes in topography c. Cold currents from the Atlantic Ocean mix with warm currents from the Pacific Ocean d. None of the above 7. What is the total volume of water on earth? a. 35 million km 3 b. 1.4 million km 3 c. 1.4 billion km 3 d. 35 billion km 3 8. Which area has the largest area of freshwater in glaciers and icecaps? a. Greenland b. Russia c. Canada d. Antarctica e. None of the above 9. What is the most abundant and readily available source of drinking water? a. Lakes b. Rivers c. Groundwater d. Glaciers e. Estuaries 10. How much of the total amount of the World’s lakes are in Canada? a. 50%
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2WW3_T1 - Test 1 Master 2WW3 Multiple Choice Identify the...

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