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Dr. Tyler General Biology II – Study Guide for Chapter 28 Define the following: Alternation of Generations Life Cycle Antheridium Anthocerophyta Apical cell division Archegonium Basal cell division Bryophyta Bryophytes Capsule Charophytes Club mosses Cuticle Dichotomous branch Diploid Embryophyte Equisetum Fern Fiddleheads Foot of sporophyte Frond Gametangia Gamete Gametophyte Gemmae Gemmae cups Haploid Hepatophyta Heterosporus Homosporus Hornworts Horsetails Hydroids Leaf Leptoids Lepidodendron Lignin Liverworts Lycophyta Lycopods Megagametophyte Megaphyll Megasporangia Megaspore Microgametophyte Microphylls Microsporangia Microspore Mosses Nontracheophytes Overtopping Phloem Prothallus Protonema Pteridophyta Rhizoids Rhizomes Rhyniophyta Root Sorus Sporangia Spore Sporophyte Stomata Syngamy Thallus Tracheid Tracheophytes Vascular tissues Wisk fern Xylem Zygote What are some ancestral characteristics of land plants that are shared with the chlorophytes and other green plants? What are ten groups (clades) of land plants (seven of these are grouped together in the vascular
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Unformatted text preview: plants)? • What are some synapomorphies (shared, derived characters) of land plants? Describe each. • Describe the general life cycle of land plants including the stages of alternation of generations. • What are the major trends found in plant evolution seen in the seedless plants through the seedless, vascular plants? What evolutionary advantages do these provide? • Describe the life cycle of bryophytes. Include the different structure involved in reproduction. • What are synapomorphies of vascular plants? Describe them. • Describe the different groups of the nonvascular and seedless vascular plants, and know their taxonomic and common names. Give examples. • Describe the life cycle of ferns, including the major reproductive structures involved. How does this life cycle differ from that of mosses?...
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