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Dr. Tyler General Biology II – Study Guide for Chapter 33 Define the following: Aboral side Agnatha Allantois Ambulacral groove Amnion Amniote egg Amniotes Amphibian Amphibians Anurans Archeopteryx Archosaurs Aristotle’s lantern Ascidians Asteroids Bipedal Bipinnarian larvae Birds Caecilians Carboniferous Cephalochordates Chondrichthyes Chorion Coelacanth Collar Crinoids Crocodilians Deuterostome Devonian Diaphragm Dinosaurs Dorsal, hollow nerve cord Echinoderm Echinoids Ectotherm Endoskeleton Eutherians Gill arches and slits Gnathostoma Hagfishes Hair Hemichordate Holothuroideans Homeotherm Keeled sternum Lamprey Lancelet Lungfishes Madreporite Mammals Mammary glands Marsupials Monotreme Notochord Operculum Ophiuroids Oral side Osteichthyes Paedomorphosis Pentaradial symmetry Pharyngeal slits Pharynx Placental Placoid scale Post-anal tail Primates Proboscis Prototherians Pterosaurs Radial canal Ray-finned fish Ray-finned fishes Rays Reptile Reptiles Ring canal Sarcopterygians Sharks
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Gen_Bio_II_study_guide_ch_33-S9th - Dr. Tyler General...

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