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Dr. Tyler General Biology II – Study Guide for Chapter 38 Define the following: Anther Antipodal cells Apomixis Bracts Bulbs Cadastral genes Circadian oscillations Circadian rhythms Critical day length Critical night length Complete flower CONSTANS gene Corms Cotyledon Day-neutral plants Dioecious Double fertilization Embryo sac Endosperm Entrainment Floral meristems Florigen FOI genes Fruit Generative cell Grafting Heart stage Imperfect flower Inflorescence Inflorescence meristem Integuments Long-day plant Meristem Megagametophyte Megasporangium Megaspores Microgametophyte Microsporangium Microspores Monoecious Night length Ovary Ovule Perfect flower Pericarp Phase shift Photoperiodism Plantlets Polar nuclei (fusion nucleus) Pollen grain Pollen tube Pollination Rhizomes Runners Scion Seed Self-incompatibility Short-day plants Sperm cells Stamen Stigma Stock Stolons Style Suckers Suspensor Synergids Tissue culture Torpedo stage Totipotency Tube cell Tubers Vegetative reproduction Vernalization
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