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Dr. Tyler General Biology II – Study Guide for Chapter 42 Define the following: Active immunity AIDS Allergies Allergen Activation phase Antibody Antibody mediated immunity Antibody titer Antigen-presenting cell (APCs) Antigenic determinants Antigen Antihistamine Artificial immunity Autoimmunity B cells Basophils Bone marrow Cell mediated immunity Clonal anergy Clonal deletion Clonal selection Complement system Constant regions Cytokines Cytotoxic T cells Defensins Dendritic cells Effector cells Effector phase Eosinophils Epitopes Heavy chains Helper T cells Histamine HIV Humoral immunity Hybridomas Immunization Immunodeficiency disorder Immunoglobulins Immunological memory Inflammation Interferons Integrase Leukocytes Light chains Lymph Lymph nodes Lymphocytes Lymphoid tissues Lysozyme Macrophages MHCs Mast cells Memory cells Monoclonal antibody Monocytes Mucus Natural killer cells Neutrophils Nonspecific defenses Passive immunity Pathogens Perforin Phagocytes Plasma cells Pluripotent stem cells
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Gen_Bio_II_study_guide_ch_42-S9th - Dr. Tyler General...

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