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Gen_Bio_II_study_guide_ch_49-S9th - Dr Tyler General...

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Dr. Tyler General Biology II – Study Guide for Chapter 49 Define the following: Air capillaries Air sacs Alveoli Aortic bodies Barometric pressure Bicarbonate ions Bohr effect Boyle’s law Bronchi Bronchioles Carbonic acid Carbonic anhydrase Carotid bodies Cellular respiration Countercurrent flow Dalton’s law Dead space Diaphragm Epiglottis Exhalation Expiratory reserve - volume External gills External respiration Fick’s law of diffusion Gas exchange system Gills Gill filaments Heme Hemoglobin Inhalation Intercostal muscles Inspiratory reserve volume Internal gills Internal respiration Lamellae Larynx Loudness Lungs Medulla oblongata Myoglobin Mucus Mucus escalator Negative pressure - breathing Parabronchi Parapodia Partial pressures Partial pressure gradient Perfusion Pharynx Pitch Pleural cavities Pleural membrane Pons Positive cooperativity Positive pressure - breathing Red blood cells Residual volume Respiratory gases Spiracles Surfactant Thoracic cavity Tidal volume
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