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Gen_Bio_II_study_guide_ch_50-S9th - Dr Tyler General...

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Dr. Tyler General Biology II – Study Guide for Chapter 50 Define the following: ABO Acetylcholine ADH Angiotensin Aorta Aortic valve Angiotensin II Arteries Arterioles Atherosclerosis Atrial naturietic factor (hormone) Atrioventricular node Atrioventricular valves Atrium Autonomic nervous system Baroreceptors Basophile Biconcave Bicuspid valve Blood Blood-brain barrier Blood pressure Blood vessels Bundle of His Capillaries Cardiac cycle Cardiac muscle Cardiac output Cardiovascular system Chemoreceptors Circulatory system Closed circulatory system Clotting factors Coagulation Colloidal osmotic pressure Coronary arteries Coronary thrombosis Diastole Diastolic pressure Diving reflex Double circuit Edema Electrocardiogram Embolism Embolus Endocardium Eosinophil Epinephrine Erythrocytes Erythropoietin Fenestrations Fibrin Fibrinogen Fight-or-flight response Filtration Formed elements Frank-Starling Laws Heart Heart attack Heart beat Heart murmur Heart rate Heart sounds Hematocrit Hemolymph
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