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Dr. Tyler General Biology II – Study Guide for Chapter 51 Define the following (include the function where appropriate): Absorptive period Amylase Anus Autotrophs Bile Bile salts Bioaccumulate Bolus Calorie (kilocalorie) Carbohydrase Carnivores Caecum Chief cells Cholecystokinin Chylomicrons Chyme Circular muscle layer Colon Common bile duct Complete digestive tract Continuous feeders Copraphagy Crop Deficiency disease Dentin Detritivores Discontinuous feeders Duodenum Edema Enamel Endocrine Energy budgets Epiglottis Esophagus Essential amino acids Essential fatty acid Exocrine Extracellular digestion Feces Filter feeders Fluid feeders Gallbladder Gastrin Gastric pits Gastrovascular cavity Gizzard Glucagon Gluconeogenesis Glycogen Gut flora Helicobacter pylori Hepatic portal vein Herbivores HDLs Heterotrophs Hindgut Hydrochloric acid Hypothalamus Ileum Insulin Intestine Intracellular digestion Jejunum Kwahiorkor Lacteals Leptin Lumen Lipase Lipoproteins LDLs Liver Longitudinal muscle layer
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Gen_Bio_II_study_guide_ch_51-S9th - Dr Tyler General...

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