RevExam1 - BSC 2011 Dr. Presley Exam I Outline CHAPTERS 28...

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BSC 2011 Dr. Presley Rev for Ex 1 1 of 3 Exam I Outline CHAPTERS 28 & 29 -- --- 15 questions plant adaptations to life on land evolution of plants from green alga (Charophytes) - fossil evidence of Carboniferous plants general alternation of generations life cycle Identify the diploid and haploid structures, role of mitosis/meiosis plant classifications, subgroups and representatives of each nontracheophyte vs. tracheophytes, seedless vs seeded, Phyla: Hepatophyta, Anthocerophyta, Bryophyta, Lycophyta, Monilophyta, Cycadophyta, Ginkgophyta, Gnetophyta, Coniferophyta, Angiospermae; monocot vs dicot, flagellated or nonflagellated sperm, dominant generation, independence of generations, where does fertilization occur - be able to describe representatives and structures terms to know definitions, function, and/or examples: antheridia, archegonia, gametangium, sporangium, homosporous, heterosporous, microspore, microgametophyte, megaspore, megagametophytes, pollen grain, pollen tube, sperm nuclei, thallus, rhizoids, protonema, prothallus, gemmae, gemmae cups, fiddleheads, sori, indusium, frond, strobilus, rhizome, microphylls, megaphyll, ovule, ovary, seed, fruit, pollination, fertilization, petals, sepals, tepals, corolla, calyx details of the life cycles: moss, fern, pine, flowering plants
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RevExam1 - BSC 2011 Dr. Presley Exam I Outline CHAPTERS 28...

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