RevExam2 - BSC 2011 Dr. Presley GENERAL BIOLOGY II Exam 2...

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BSC 2011 Dr. Presley Exam 2 Outline 1 of 3 GENERAL BIOLOGY II Exam 2 Review Outline Chapter 31 15 questions characteristics that separate animals from other organisms distinguish between animals with 2 versus 3 germ layers identify the 3 germ layers and generally the tissues they form identify animals at the multicellular, tissue, and organ system levels of organization tissues unique to animals difference between a acoelomate, pseudocoelom , true coelom cleavage, coelom formation, blastopore fate what is a hydrostatic skeleton distinguish between radial and bilateral symmetry, relate to ability to move open vs. closed circulatory systems, complete vs. incomplete digestive systems body plans in animals, ? advantage of tube-within-tube plan list animals that lack a true coelom overview of animal phyla, subclassification and major representatives Sponges: Parazoa: cells of body wall(choanocytes, spicules, etc), how do they reproduce (sexual and asexual), regeneration, gas exchange Cnidaria: Eumetazoa, radiata, name 2 layers of body, what separates these, nematocyst structure/function, incomplete digestive system polyp vs. medusa -- location of mouth, method of locomotion classes(Hydrozoa, Schyphozoa, Antohzoa), representatives, life cycle, dominant stage, physiology esp. digestion Platyhelminthes: number of germ layers, ?advantage of mesoderm, describe relative to segmentation, coelom, body plan, classification Turbullaria: Planaria - osmoregulation by flame cells, systems, hermaphroditic, regeneration parasitic forms Trematoda, Cestoidea--degenerated or specialized systems, complex life cycles, hosts Rotifera: crown of cilia, parthenogenesis Lopophorate phyla: Bryozoa, Phoronida, Brachiopoda
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RevExam2 - BSC 2011 Dr. Presley GENERAL BIOLOGY II Exam 2...

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