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BSC 2011 Dr. Presley Exam 3 Outline 1 GENERAL BIOLOGY II Exam 3 Review Outline CIRCULATION Ch 50 - 12 questions Comparative: diffusion, open vs. closed circulatory systems in representative animals single or double circulation loops Comparison of hearts/circulation of fish, frog, turtle, crocodile, birds, mammals 3 functions of circulatory system Heart: chambers, vessels, valves, flow, cardiac cycle (heart beat): pacemaker, A.V. node, purkinje fibers, control cardiac output = HR x stroke volume, ECG, Starling’s Law of Heart Vessels: anatomy of 3 layers, functions, artery, arteriole, capillary (only endothelium, precapillary sphincters), venule, vein (valves)(varicose) Be able to follow a drop of blood through the human from point A to point B using basic vessels and chambers of the heart Blood pressure: systole, diastole, changes through system, peripheral resistance, vasoconstriction/vasodilation Blood flow: down pressure gradient, velocity is inversely related to total cross-sectional area of vessel type, four factors that aid venous return of blood, systemic routes and pulmonary routes, hepatic portal system Capillary exchange: filtration (hydrostatic pressure), reabsorption (osmotic pressure) Cardiovascular disorders: hypertension, atherosclerosis, thrombus, embolus, MI Lymphatic system: functions, structures (nodes, thymus, spleen), edema Blood: plasma, formed elements (erythrocyte, leucocytes [5 types], thrombocytes) Structural features and functions of cell types, Erythropoietin – where produced, function 3 clotting steps and clotting factors (Ca+ and Factor VIII) blood types (ABO, Rh), compatibility Control of circulation: Medulla, BP, blood volume, rennin-angiotensin-aldosterone BODY DEFENSES Ch 42 B 9 questions Lymphatic system: functions, structures (nodes, thymus, spleen) Review of 5 types of white blood cells, functions Proteins of the immune system: antibodies, T cell receptors, MHC, cytokines non-specific resistance: inherited, general, variety, no memory skin and mucous membranes B mechanical and chemical barrier
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RevExam3 - BSC 2011 Dr. Presley GENERAL BIOLOGY II Exam 3...

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