RevExam4 - BSC 2011 Dr. Presley GENERAL BIOLOGY II Exam 4...

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BSC 2011 Dr. Presley Exam 4 Outline 1 of 2 GENERAL BIOLOGY II Exam 4 Review Outline Evolution Ch 21 B 10 questions define evolution, a directionless process with no goals definition of species, population contributions by Leclerc, E. Darwin, Lamarc, Wallace, and C. Darwin Darwinian evolution: reproductive rate, variation, differential survival, differential reproductive success, long time voyages of Beagle – Galapagos, evidences for change in population evolution occurs at the population level, selection acts on the phenotype Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium: conditions required for NO evolution, Be able to calculate number of individuals in a population with a specific genotype, and be able to calculate the frequency for different alleles and allele combinations (check problems at end of my Ch 23 chapter notes Evolutionary agents on a gene pool: mutation, gene flow, genetic drift, bottleneck effect, founder effect, non-random mating, natural selection Modes of selection: stabilizing, directional, disruptive Cultural evolution Introduction to Ecology Ch 54 -- 10 questions Define ecology, environment, population, ecosystem Pangaea – 280 million years ago, horse moved from Africa to Asia Influences on distribution: climate, wind circulation patterns (land and oceans),
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RevExam4 - BSC 2011 Dr. Presley GENERAL BIOLOGY II Exam 4...

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