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General Biology II Lab Study Guide for Practical 1 Capers - Review all labs Lab 16 -21 - Review all PowerPoints on my website - Know plant taxonomy 1 st page of supplemental packet (know spelling!!!!) o Be able to name Domain, Kingdom, and Phylum for all plant examples shown in lab - Pay attention to bold print in Labs - Know life cycles of all groups of plants (just be able to identify major parts) o What is the gametophyte generation?, sporophyte generation?, what are antheridia?, archegonia?, what are megasporangia?, microsporangia?, what are considered to be male/female parts?, what is 1n?, what is 2n?, etc. - Be able to identify slides that we looked at under the microscope (look at my PowerPoints for pictures for review) - Nonvascular Plants o Know examples o Know structures that we went over - Vascular Seedless Plants o Know examples o Know structures that we went over - Seed Plants o Gymnosperms What does gymnosperm mean? Know examples
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