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Bio II LAB PRACTICAL I Vocabulary List Terms you should know for the lab practical : Abscisic acid Acid rain Adventitious roots Angiospermae Anther Antheridium Antipodal Apical bud Apical meristem Archegonium Auxin Axillary bud Axillary bud Bryophyta Bulb Capsule Carpel Casparian strip Chlorenchyma Coleoptile Coleorhiza Collenchyma Coniferophyta Cork Cambium Corm Cortex Cycadophyta Cytokinin Diploid Double fertilization Egg Embryo Embryo sac Endodermis Endosperm Ephedra Epidermis Equisetum Ethylene Etiolation Eudicot Fertilization Fibrous roots Filament Frond Fruit Gametophyte Gemmae Germination Gibberellin Ginkgophyta Ginko Gnetophyta Gravitropism Guard cell Gymnosperm Haploid Hepatophyta Herbaceous Horsetails Indusium Integuments
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Unformatted text preview: Internode Lateral bud Leaf Lignin Liverworts Lycophyta Lycopodium Marchantia Meiosis Mesophyll Micropyle Mitosis Mnium Monocot Node Ovary Ovule Palisade chlorenchyma Parenchyma Pericycle Petal Petiole Phloem Phototropism Pistil Pith Pollen cone Pollen grain Pollen tube Pollination Primary growth Prothallus Protonema Psilotium Pteridophyta Radicle Rhizoid Rhizome Root Root cap Root hair Sclerenchyma Secondary growth Seed Seed cone Selaginella Sepal Sorus Spongy chlorenchyma Sporangium Spores Sporophyll Sporophyte Stamen Stem Stigma Stolon Stoma Strobilus Style Suberin Synergid Taproots Terminal bud Thallus Transpiration Triploid Tuber Vascular bundle Vascular cambium Woody Xylem Zone of cell division Zone of elongation Zone of maturation...
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