Chapter 1-5 psyshology notes

Chapter 1-5 psyshology notes - Chapter 1(P4 What is...

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Chapter 1 (P4) What is psychology and how did it grow? It is the science that seeks to understand behavior and mental process to apply that understanding in the services of human welfare. Studying-predicting-improving-or explaining some aspect of behavior or mental process. (P4,5 &6) SUBFIELDS OF PSYCHOLOGY Cognitive Psychologist - sensation, perception, learning, memory (forgetting and suddenly recover tragic memories), judgment, decision making, problem solving. Biological Psychologist - (physiological or neuroscientists) genes brain chemistry are related to the appearance of mental disorders, how brain cell communicate with each other in forming memories. Lying and how stress hormones weaken the body’s immune system. Déjà vu that it might me a temp malfunction in the brains ability to combine incoming information from the senses, creating this impression of two “copies”. Personality Psychologist - individuality, unique features of each person. Personality traits like fingerprints are different from other people. Use tests to compare individuality w terms of openness to experience, emotionality, reliability, agreeableness, and sociability. Positive Psychology is identifying the characteristics of people who can remain optimistic even in face of stress or tragedy and find happiness in life. Developmental Psychologists - study and describe changes in behavior and mental processes over a course of a lifetime. Cause and effect. Development of thought, friendship patterns and parenting styles and midlife crisis. Research used by judges and attorneys in order to see if child can serve as a reliable witness in court or choose which divorced parent to live with. Quantitative Psychologists - Develop statistical methods for evaluating and analyzing data from psychological research. Correlation coefficients and other statistical tools to evaluate psychological tests and to estimate the relative contributions of hereditary and environment in determining intelligence. Mental abilities affected by environments. Hottest topics. Clinical, counseling, and community Psy .- Seek to understand, modify, and prevent behavior disorders. Ph.D. degrees in psy. Most provide therapy and conduct research. Mental health counselor and have Ph.D. or master’s in psy. Community psy. Offer services to homeless and other who need help but tend to not seek it.Work for changes in schools and other social systems. Try to prevent poverty and other stressful conditions that lead to disorder. These psychologists differ from psychiatrics who are medical doctors with a specialty in abnormal behavior (psychiatry) Educational Psy - study methods by which instructors teach and students learn and who apply their results to improving such methods. Applied programs designed to improve teacher training, 1
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refine school curricula, reduce dropout rates and help students learn more efficiently. Jigsaw technique where children from various ethnic groups must work together to complete a task or
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Chapter 1-5 psyshology notes - Chapter 1(P4 What is...

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