Chapter Multiple Choice Self Tests

Chapter Multiple Choice Self Tests - Chapter 1 1. The first...

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Chapter 1 1. The first research laboratory in psychology was established to study consciousness (p10) 2. A community psychologist (Dr. Gauzz) would believe that low-income families who live in crowded conditions are more likely to need mental health (p5) 3. Someone (Dr. Hemmings) who believes that human behavior is influenced by genetic inheritance , unconscious motivations, and environmental influences exemplifies the multiple perspectives of the eclectic approach (p14) 4. An Educational psychologist studies what teachers actually do when they are teaching students to read (p5) 5. Larry says that people act the way they learned to act. He believes that if others stop rewarding a persons annoying behavior that behavior will decrease. Larry takes a Behaviorists approach, say that people think and behave in ways that have previously been rewarded (p 12-13) 6. Leonard just won a college scholarship because of his outstanding grades. If he is from a collectivist culture, he is most likely to say: In collectivist cultures, people tend to think of themselves as part of a family or work group “ I could not have won this award without the help of my teachers and family”. (p20) 7. Dr Rose a cross cultural psychologist is most likely to find which behavior to be similar in all the groups she studies? Recognition of a smile is a behavior that cross cultural psychologists find to be similar around the world (p 19) 8. You are watching an infomercial that claims that if you drink liquefied seaweed twice a day you will lose ten lbs a month. As a wise consumer who knows the five critical thinking questions “What am I being asked to believe or accept?” is the first of five critical thinking questions discussed in this chapter .”They are asking me to believe that I can lose ten lbs a month by drinking seaweed. (P25-26) 9. Dr Lucas is interested in the effect of color on peoples moods. She has participants complete a mood survey in either a bright red room or a stark white one. The participants score on the mood survey is her An operational definition defines a variable so that it can be measured. In this case the score on the mood survey is the operational definition of mood. (p25) 10. Case Studies are used to collect descriptive data . (p25-26) 11. Before using survey results to support a hypothesis ,
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Chapter Multiple Choice Self Tests - Chapter 1 1. The first...

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