Sonnet 29 - SONNET 29 1 Shakespeares Sonnet 29 Stephanie...

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SONNET 29 1 Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29 Stephanie Teal ENG 125 Introduction to Literature Instructor: Corrella Brown April 3, 2011 SHAKESPEARE’S SONNET 29 William Shakespeare is a great literary writer, who wrote 154 sonnets and other poems. I chose to review as Sonnet 29 as it is one of Shakespeare’s most famous Sonnets ever written. T he sonnet is a highly structured form of lyric poetry with different specifications for the Italian (Petrarchan) sonnet and for the English (Shakespearean) sonnet. Deriving its name from an Italian word that means “little song,” the Petrarchan sonnet originated in Europe in the Middle
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SONNET 29 2 Ages. Both sonnet versions have 14 lines and usually the same meter, but each has a different rhyme scheme and a different thought development pattern.” ( Clugston, R. 2010) I think that in Shakespeare’s Sonnet 29, Shakespeare is speaking about a man who even though he is consumed with feelings of self-hate and jealousy, the man can still find a sense of gratitude when thinking about his dear friend. When I was reading the first part of the poem, I felt that it was telling me how the narrator is feeling. It tells me that the character that Shakespeare is writing about, is having deep thoughts of his own disgrace and also about his own loneliness. I feel that Shakespeare is saying that, this character, is in a depressed state, and is crying out for help from anyone that will listen but he
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Sonnet 29 - SONNET 29 1 Shakespeares Sonnet 29 Stephanie...

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