Chapter 5 - Chapter 5: Management Structure for Industrial...

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Chapter 5: Management Structure for Industrial Relations Management has increased the growth of nonunion practices & pressured unions to improve efficiency, quality, and customer service Management’s strategic choices—Theoretical Considerations Make choices based on business strategies and HR Alternative Industrial Relation Systems Nonunion Industrial Relations patterns o Have three basic patterns o Management’s has desire to stay nonunion o Firm has a desire to pursue company objectives that have little to do with union status Paternalistic Pattern o Personnel policies tend to be informally administered o Offers no formal leave, sickness policies, things done on a case-by-case basis o Employee conditions vary o Common among small retail stores, start up firms, etc Family owned Union avoidance prime objective Bureaucratic Pattern o Larger firms o High formalized procedures o Clear written polices on pay, leaves, promotion, dicipline HRM Pattern o Formal polices o Team forms of work organization, skill-or knowledge based pay, elaborate communication and complaint procedures o Up until 1980s they made use of employment stabilization o Extensive measures for employees to identify with long term goals of the company Publish company newsletters, offer salaries, strong corporate culture, employee committees o The role of Business Strategy o HRM have strong founding execs who have helped create strong corporate
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Chapter 5 - Chapter 5: Management Structure for Industrial...

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