Chapter 7 & 10 - Chapter 7: pg 177-188Bargaining...

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Chapter 7: pg 177-188—Bargaining Structures Bargaining Units Formal Bargaining Structure: the bargaining unit o Ees or ers who are legally bound by terms of an agreement Informal Bargaining Structure: ees/ers who are affected by the results of a negotiated settlement, through a nonbinding process Decentralized bargaining structure o US is highly decentralized The “bargaining Unit” is the group of workers who vote in the election to determine union representation If they vote in favor of representation, the bargaining unit is also the group of workers who will bargain together as union with the employer Any labor contract negotiated will apply to or cover the workers who are in the bargaining unit and not those employees outside of the unit Types of Bargaining Units Employer-interest covered: o Single-plant units: Workers in ne factory or other workplace o Multi-plant units: workers in a group of factories or workplaces o Single-employer units: all non-managerial employees o Multi-employer units: Employees at a group of companies, usually in the same industry Employee interests covered: o Industrial units include all non-managerial workers o Craft units include just workers in a particular craft or profession o Craft units are mainly in: construction (e.g. carpenters); under railway Labor Act (e.g., pilots); and in public sector (e.g., teachers) Examples of unit Types: o Single-plant industrials: all workers at the Hyatt hotel in Atlanta o Multi-plant industrial: all workers in Ford assembly plants o Single-employer craft: all pilots employed at US airways o Multi-employer craft unit: all union carpenters in Philadelphia Determinants of Bargaining Structure Unions can increase their bargaining leverage if the organize a large share of the product market ERs prefer centralized bargaining structures in some cases o ERS is local service industries (hotels, restaurants, laundries, local truck
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Chapter 7 & 10 - Chapter 7: pg 177-188Bargaining...

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