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A lap pool costing 30000 is installed the fmv of the

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Unformatted text preview: sting $30,000 is installed. The FMV of the home rises by $5,000. $25,000 may be deducted as a medical expense. 8 Other Qualifying Medical Expenses x Prescribed drugs, OTC insulin, and syringes x Dental expenses x Cost of psychological and psychiatric services x Premiums for Part B of Medicare x Cost of guide animals x Smoking Cessation Programs (whether or not prescribed) x Special Schools and Institutions x Medical Conferences and Seminars 9 Nursing Home Expenses and LongTerm Care Health Insurance x Nursing home or special care facility expenses for the TP, Nursing spouse, and dependents are fully deductible only if the person is chronically ill or is in the facility primarily for medical care medical x If not fully deductible, the medical care component of the If long-term care facility cost is deductible if it is separately stated on the bill stated x Limited deductions are available for the cost for long-term Limited care insurance - age and premium paid determine deduction (lesser of cost or limitation) (lesser Examples: Under 40 - $320; Over 40 (< 50) - $600; Over 50 Examples Under (< 60) - $1,190; Over 60 (< 70) - $3,180; and Over 70 $3,980 per person for 2009 $3,980 10 Medical Travel & Transportation x The cost of transportation to obtain medical care is The deductible deductible Use of personal auto is deductible at $.24 per mile i...
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