EEP162 Take-Home+Final+Exam

EEP162 Take-Home+Final+Exam - EEP 162 Take-Home Final Exam...

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EEP 162 Take-Home Final Exam, Spring 2011 Due: Monday May 9 at 7:00pm You will find two worksheets in the EXCEL file emailed to you April 27. These worksheets are entitled “Residential Water Demand” and “Crop Choice.” Please be sure to use your own data —I cannot stress this enough—that Sarah will email to you. If you have a problem reading the data, let Sarah know immediately so that we can fix it. Do NOT use another person’s file. Do not discuss this exam with others. There is no tolerance for cheating. Please turn in your exam at the start of the in-class final on Monday, May 9. Please also upload a copy of your Excel file, with regression and linear programming output, to the designated location under the Assignments tab on bspace. The file must be uploaded to bspace by midnight on May 9. There are two parts below, one pertaining to each dataset. It is important to be concise, but also to explain your answers and show calculations when appropriate. Please round all numerical answers to 2 decimal places. Estimating Residential Water Demand (20 points) For the past several summers, Pasadena has suffered from consistent water shortages during the dry months, and currently requires mandatory water conservation by all residential water consumers from April 1 to October 31. You have been hired as a consultant to help Pasadena Water and Power understand the effect of the dry season on residential water demand, and to provide a recommendation on how to best address the shortages. To assist in the analysis, Pasadena Water and Power has sent you the Excel spreadsheet, “Residential Water Demand.” The spreadsheet contains historical data on water demand in Pasadena. It includes 100 price/quantity observations from the off-peak season, and 100 price/quantity observations from the peak season. (Hint: Before
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This note was uploaded on 06/06/2011 for the course EEP 162 taught by Professor Bickett during the Spring '11 term at Berkeley.

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EEP162 Take-Home+Final+Exam - EEP 162 Take-Home Final Exam...

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