The Command Window - Chapter 3 The Command Window 3.1...

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3.1 Managing The MATLAB Workspace A list of the current variables residing in the MATLAB Workspace is obtained by typing the command ' who ' in the MATLAB Command window. More detailed information about the variables is acquired by typing ' whos ' instead. Example 3.1.1 clear x=5;y=10; z=x+y*i; A=pi*x^2; who Your variables are: A x y z whos Name Size Bytes Class A 1x1 8 double array x 1x1 8 double array y 1x1 8 double array z 1x1 16 double array (complex) Grand total is 4 elements using 40 bytes Note that despite the fact that all four variables are scalars (3 real and 1 complex) their size is listed as 1 × 1, reflecting the array orientation of MATLAB. Also note that numerical variables are stored in double precision using 8 bytes and belong to a class (data type) referred to as double . Later on other data types will be considered and displayed using the ' whos ' command. The Workspace Browser reveals the same information and is accessible from the File menu by selecting Show Workspace or by selecting the Workspace Browser button on the Command window toolbar. The ' clear ' command removes all variables from the MATLAB Workspace. Specific variables, or a set of variables with a common characteristic, can be deleted by appending an argument to the ' clear ' command as shown below. It is good practice to clear all variables from the Workspace whenever a new task is initiated. Example 3.1.2
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The Command Window - Chapter 3 The Command Window 3.1...

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