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Kakuro Konundrum Filename: kakuro Much like any pair of brothers, Timmy’s older brother picks on him a lot. Recently, Timmy was pushed into a closet with a flashlight, a pen and a puzzle. Timmy’s brother will not let him out of the closet until the puzzle is solved. Unfortunately, Timmy has never seen this kind of puzzle before. It requires a set of three positive single digits to sum to a target and each digit must be unique. Timmy needs your help so his brother will let him out! The Problem: Given a goal sum and three positive digits, determine if the three positive digits are unique and
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Unformatted text preview: sum up to the goal. The Input: Input will begin with a single, positive integer, n, on a line by itself. On the next n lines will be a single positive integer representing the goal sum followed by three single positive digits, each separated by a single space. The Output: For each line of input, determine if the three digits sum to the goal and are unique. Output “ Proper triplet ” on a line by itself if so, or “ Not a good triplet ” on a line by itself if not. Sample Input: 3 19 4 7 8 10 1 9 6 14 3 8 3 Sample Output: Proper triplet Not a good triplet Not a good triplet...
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