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Introduction to C - Programming Assignment #0 Hello World! Due Date: Please Consult WebCourses for your section Objective 1. To give students practice at typing in, compiling and running a simple program. 2. To give students practice turning in a program over WebCourses. Problem: Hello World Write a complete C program with a header comment that includes your name, the course and section number, the assignment title, the date and a brief description of the program and prints out the greeting "Hello World!" to the screen. (Note: do NOT print the double quote characters also.) Deliverables One source (that ends in .c) file: hello.c Submit this file over WebCourses using the following directions: 1) Log onto WebCourses. (We'll go over how to do this in class.) 2) Click on the link for Program Submission. 3) Click on P0. 4) Click on Upload File.
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Browse and upload the desired file from your computer into WebCourses. 6) Select the file to turn in for submission and then hit the Submit Assignment button. Restrictions Although you may use other compilers, your program must compile and run using Dev C++. Your program should include a header comment with the following information: your name, course number, section number, assignment title, and date. Also, make sure you include ample comments throughout your code describing the major steps in solving the problem. Grading Details For this assignment, you will get full credit if you do the following items: 1) Turn in a .c file. 2) Include an appropriate header comment in your file. 3) Have a file the properly compiles in DevC++. 4) Have a file, that when compiled and executed, prints out “Hello World!”...
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