Program4 - Introduction to C Programming Assignment#4 Due...

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Introduction to C - Programming Assignment #4 Due date: Please consult WebCourses for your section Objectives 1. To learn how to use arrays to store and retrieve data to help solving problems. 2. To review reading information from a file. Problem: UCF Idol Extension (ucfidol2.c) The UCF Idol Show has been a hit. But, some of the audience members have been complaining because some of the judges (in the audience), have been biasing their scores to help out their friends who are competing. In particular, several cast members from Universally Simple Farmland all go to the same UCF Idol Show (because, frankly, it’s better than theirs) and when they judge, they give very high scores to their cronies and very low scores to everyone else. After enough of their shenanigans, management had gotten enough complaints that they want you to do something about these hooligans. However, the public relations department has advised against kicking out any paying patrons. Your boss has finally come up with an idea whereby these judges can’t destroy the fairness of the UCF Idol competition. In particular, she had noticed that the “cheating” judges tend to give scores that are spread out a great deal, while regular judges do not. She vaguely remembers from her statistics class that standard deviation is a rough measure of how far spread out a set of data is. Her idea is to simply calculate the standard deviation of each judge’s scores, and then throw out ALL of a judge’s scores if this
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Program4 - Introduction to C Programming Assignment#4 Due...

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