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COP 3223 Spring 2011 Grading Criteria Program 4 Total: 100 points Code Points – 35 points The values in the file are read in and processed in some manner – 5 pts Uses constant size arrays instead of variable size arrays – 5 points Used an array to store all the scores - 1 pt Used an array to store all the judge averages – 2 pts Used an array to store all the judge stdevs – 2 pts Tries to determine which judges are corrupt – 5 pts Tries to throw out their scores – 5 pts Tries to detect when all judges are corrupt – 5 pts Some sort of attempt at printing out the end results exists – 5 pts Execution Points – 50 points There are 10 test cases. Each test case is worth 5 points.
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Unformatted text preview: If you think you can give partial, please try to do so. See where there might be an error and take off a small number of points for a specific error. Also, please feel free to give partial credit on a test case, if you think it’s warranted. Please spend at least 5 minutes with each program that does not produce the correct output initially. Points for Comments & Style (15 pts) 1) Header comment with name, course number, section number, assignment title, and date. (1 pts) 2) Indentation and use of white space (2 pt) 3) Appropriate variable names (3 pt) 4) Internal comments (9 pts)...
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