Program6 - Introduction to C - Programming Assignment #6...

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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to C - Programming Assignment #6 Due date: Please consult WebCourses for your section Objectives 1. To use character arrays to store strings and use the standard string functions. 2. To use structs to store related information of different types. 3. To design a longer program with multiple functions without a given design. Problem: UCF Fast Pass (fastpass.c) Now that UCF is an established theme park, it has hired an outside consulting firm to find ways to make UCF even better and more user-friendly. Penelope Kinsley, or PK as she prefers to be known, one of the consultants, would like UCF to implement fast passes. At other theme parks, fast passes, are used to reserve spots at busy rides. Typically, a customer goes by the fast pass machine in the morning and picks up a pass for a later time at which they can go on that ride without a long wait. To ensure her English sense of fairness, PK decides that no one should be able to obtain too many fast passes. After extensive research, PK has decided that no more than 5 fast passes should be issued to any one customer at UCF. Since fast passes should be spaced out, no two fast passes can be issued to the same customer if they are less than an hour apart. (If they are exactly an hour apart, that is fine.) Finally, PK believes that variety is the spice of life. No one should ride the same ride over and over again. Thus, no one customer can get more than one fast pass in a day for the same ride. Management has hired you to write a program that enforces these fast pass rules. Since PKs fees are expensive, management would like you to write the program correctly as quickly as possible, so that her consultation will no longer be needed. Your program will use data from an input file that logs which fast pass each customer is attempting to get, in order. Each request should be accepted unless it violates one of the given rules. Your job will be to decide for each request, whether or not its accepted. After you developed a prototype that was tested, everything was running smoothly until you ran into the hooligans from Universally Simple Farmland. In order to try to get more fast passes and trick your system, they would put in slightly different names. For example, if the customers name was Bill Johnson, to get an extra fast pass, he would enter Will Johnson. Once again, youve noticed that these party crashers arent terribly bright. They usually Once again, youve noticed that these party crashers arent terribly bright....
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Program6 - Introduction to C - Programming Assignment #6...

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