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Introduction to C - Programming Assignment #5 Assigned: 11/3/05 (Thursday) Due: 11/13/05 (Sunday) at 11:55pm WebCT time Objectives 1. Review use of logical constructs and functions. 2. Use arrays to solve a problem with many related pieces of information of the same type. 3. Use both input and output files. Problem: Fantasy Basketball Last year you came in dead last in your fantasy basketball league. After taking Introduction to C Programming however, you've come up with an idea to take your league by storm. You have access to last year's statistics and have decided to use your C programming skills to comb through those stats to create an ordered list of players based upon how your fantasy league awards points. You will write a program that reads in an input file containing all the NBA's players with their statistics and then creates an output file listing the players and their "power rankings" in descending order of "power ranking." This output file will aid you in your draft. In addition to this task, for kicks, you will pick a league All-Star team using your program. Your program will pick five players: the center with the highest power ranking, the two forwards with the two highest power rankings, and the two guards with the two highest power rankings. This team of All-Stars should be outputted to the screen. Input File Format The first line of the input file will contain a single integer n (5 ≤ n ≤ 100) , denoting the number of players, for which statistics are listed in the file. The following
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ProgramFanBBall - Introduction to C - Programming...

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