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QP3 - ONLY be able to pay the rent if the sum of the costs...

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Quiz Program #3 Program Description You need to try to decide whether or not you have enough money for rent this month. In order to make this decision you need the following information: a) How many hours you work each week b) Your hourly pay c) Your grocery bill d) Your utility bills e) Your entertainment/other expenses f) Rent Assume there are four weeks during the month. Assume that overtime pay is 50% more than regular pay and that you get paid overtime for each hour over 40 that you work a week. Since groceries, utilities and entertainment take precendence over rent, you'll
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Unformatted text preview: ONLY be able to pay the rent if the sum of the costs of c through f are less than or equal to the total money you make at your job. Sample Run (User input in bold and italics) How many hours do you work a week? 45 What is your hourly pay in dollars? 10.50 What is your grocery bill for the month? 200.00 What are your utility bills for the month? 150.50 What are your entertainment/other expenses for the month? 700.00 What is your rent for the month? 800.00 Great, you can pay your rent! Note: If you can't pay your rent, print out, "Sorry, you can't pay your rent."...
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