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Strings in C Basically, strings are character arrays in C. However, that isn't the complete picture. It would be nice if strings didn't always have to be the same length, as character arrays are. In order to deal with this issue, strings in C, by default, are null terminated. This means that the last character storing a string is the null character, '\0'. For example, the following is a valid way to initialize a string to store "hello"; char word[20]; word[0] = 'h'; word[1] = 'e'; word[2] = 'l'; word[3] = 'l'; word[4] = 'o'; word[5] = '\0'; In this example, the character array word is storing a string of length 5. Notice that we actually store six characters here. This means that a character array of size 20 can actually store a string with a maximum length of 19, NOT 20, since the last character in the array must be reserved for the null character. Another way to read in a string is from the keyboard directly into a character array: scanf("%s", word); This reads in all the characters typed in until whitespace is read in and automatically adds the null character to the end of what is read in. One consequence of this idea is that the literals 'a' and "a" are different. The first is a single character, the second is stored in a character array of at least size two, where the last character is the null character.
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Example of Processing a String The three following examples turn a string into its uppercase version, return the length of a string and reverse the contents of a string. void to_upper(char *word) { int index = 0; while (word[index] != '\0') { word[index] = toupper(word[index]); index++; } } int length(char *word) { int index=0; while (word[index] != '\0') index++; return index; } void reverse(char *word) {
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StringsAlt - Strings in C Basically, strings are character...

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