BWTnotes - Burrows Wheeler Transform (BWT) BWT was invented...

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Burrows Wheeler Transform (BWT) BWT was invented in 1983 in Cambridge by Wheeler. Lossless reversible transformation (not a compression algorithm) applicable to sequence of symbols given as a block – like a block in DCT – but extension to 2 dimensional image has not yet been done. It is a hot research topic. Compression system: (the bottom line of boxes denote inverse operation of the corresponding box in the upper line) Not an on-line or streaming model algorithm. The entire block must be available to the transform. Typically the block size is 100kb to 900kb. Informal description: Example 1: T = abraca M’ M F L abraca aabra c aabrac abrac a <- id caabra acaab r acaabr braca a racaab caabr a bracaa racaa b Output: (caraab,2) Note: text is decoded backwards. L with id is actually an expansion than compression. But it shows a pattern of concentration of a few symbols in any region. Note, except for the row id , the last column symbols precede the corresponding first column symbols in the original text. Thus, the symbols that have same forward context tend to cluster together in column L . This will be better illustrated with an example below: T = swiss-miss 1. –missswis s 2. iss-misss w 3. issswiss- m 4. missswiss - 5. s-missswi s 6. ss-misssw i 7. ssswiss-m i 8. sswiss-mi s 9. swiss-mis s Output:(swm-siisss,9) 10. wiss-miss s
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Stated in other words, if a symbol ‘s’ appears at certain position in L , then other occurrences of ‘s’ are likely to be found nearby. This property means that L can be further decorrelated by Move-To-Front (MTF) algorithm. Inverse transform: Given L , we can obtain F by sorting L in linear time. F L 1. a c 2. a a id =2 3. a r 4. b a abraca 5. c a 6. r b Two properties have been utilized: 1) Stable sort. 2)
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BWTnotes - Burrows Wheeler Transform (BWT) BWT was invented...

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