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University of Central Florida School of Computer Science COT 4210 Spring 2004 Prof. Rene Peralta Extra credit HW Due date: March 17 1. Problem 12, chapter 8, of text. 2. Problems 17a and 17e, chapter 8, of text. 3. Consider the following grammar over Σ = { a,b } : S -→ AB ; A -→ AS + Sb + a ; B -→ BS + aA + λ ; Convert the grammar to Chomsky Normal Form (please use rules
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Unformatted text preview: U- a and V- b ). Show and comment (e.g. getting rid of rule) your work. 4. Consider the following grammar over = { a,b } : S- SAS + a ; A- AS + b ; Convert the grammar to Greibach Normal Form. Show and comment your work. 1...
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