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University of Central Florida School of Computer Science COT 4210 Spring 2004 Prof. Rene Peralta sample questions T1 1. Consider integers written in base 3 with no leading 0s. Let L 1 be the set of such strings representing numbers that are congruent to 3 mod 4. (a) Construct a DFA that accepts L 1 . (b) Construct a left-linear grammar for L 1 . answer: we have done this type of exercise ad nauseum, so I won’t write an answer here 2. Write a regular expression for the set of strings over Σ = { 0 , 1 } which have an odd number of 1’s. answer: note you do not need to go through the entire DFA grammar regular expression sequence. “Odd number of 1’s” means “one 1 plus an even number of 1’s”, so 0 * 10 * (0 * 10 * 10 * ) * . This is not the most compact representation, but we don’t care about that here. 3. Describe the four types of grammars in the Chomsky Hierarchy. answer: something like i) unrestricted, ii) | LHS | ≤ | RHS | , iii) | LHS | = 1 ; iv) right-linear. 4. Outline the argument that uses Cantor’s diagonalization technique to show the set of
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Unformatted text preview: subsets of is not countable. answer: It is a proof by contradiction: i) there is a bijection between innite binary strings and subsets of , so we count the former instead; ii) assume, for a contradiction, that the set of innite binary strings is countable; iii) the strings can thus be arranged in a list s (1) , s (2) , s (3) , . . . . iv) Let b(i) be the complement of the i th bit of s ( i ) ; v) Then ~ b is a string which is not in the list, contradiction. 5. Show, using the pumping lemma for regular languages, that the set T consisting of binary string with more 1 s than 0 s is not regular. answer: By contradiction. Assume the set is regular and let be the pumping constant given by the pumping lemma. Let = 11 . Then T . The pumping lemma implies we can erase a (non-empty) substring from the prex 11 with the resulting string still being in T . But this clearly cannot be done, contradiction....
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