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Unformatted text preview: COT3100.01, Fall 2000 Assigned: 11/21/2000 S. Lang Assignment #6 (Optional *) Due: 11/30 in class, first 10 minutes *This assignment is optional in the following sense: (1) You need to understand the materials contained in this assignment because they provide useful exercises on the last segment of the course; (2) If you turn in the assignment within the first 10 minutes of the last class (on 11/30), your score on the assignment can be used to replace the lowest score of your earlier assignments (i.e., out of the 6 assignments including this one, the lowest score will be dropped); (3) If you missed, or being exempted from, an earlier assignment, you must do this assignment to receive a total of 5 assignment scores; that is, everyone in the class will be responsible for 5 assignment scores in calculating the assignment grades. Let a , b , c denote distinct symbols for the following questions: 1. Give a regular expression for each of the following languages (no proof is required but brief explanations are encouraged):...
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