Review for Midterm - Review for Midterm Short Answer There...

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Review for Midterm Short Answer There will be 20, answer 15 What is the point of studying literature? The only way you can learn how to think is to be open minded. Gain perspective Elements of Fiction This is the way the story is structured, the parts of the story. I. Characters Characters: There are two characters in most stories the protagonist and the antagonist. Protagonist- main character, Antagonist- the person who is working the hardest against the protagonist Characterization: the method by which we learn about characters Direct: you either find out straight from the character or the author narrating the story Indirect: from a different character, the characters actions Types of characters Flat: very one dimensional, not much to him Round: full of personality Dynamic: will change in some way during the story Static: remains the same throughout the story Stock: a stereotype II. Setting Setting involves place and time. Broad: happens over a long distance or a long time Narrow: happens quickly in small space III. Plot Plot- the sequence of events that make up a story. Exposition- the introduction In Media Res- “in the middle of the action” starting a story and then flashing back to the introduction Rising Action- the heart of the story, where conflicts and complications take place Conflict: a struggle between two opposing forces Complications: can be unexpected or predictable, always makes the conflict stronger
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Review for Midterm - Review for Midterm Short Answer There...

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