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Shelby Smith, B01046746 Mrs. Veronica Kennedy American Literature II February 9, 2011 Sweet Success or Rude Awakening? In the world of the literary arts, there are several artists whose works could be analyzed and speculated upon for days, but how many foreshadowed the future? One author, Kate Chopin, has works that seem to be an accurate representation of the future of the modern women. In my literary analysis, I would like to look at three of her works, At the Cadien Ball, The Storm, and The Awakening. I would like to research the roles of women during Chopin’s time, versus women’s roles in era’s after.
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Unformatted text preview: Also, I would research if the freedom that women actually do have now would be a sweet success or rather a rude awakening on her idea of women’s rights. The reason I would like to study these works is twofold; the first is because I believe Chopin to be a very brave and daring writer, which is something that I can admire. The second reason is because I would like to learn about the changes women have went through since Chopin’s days and see if her books really did “foretell the future of women” as some critics have claimed in literary journals....
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