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ANTH 101 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology Lecture: M,W 11-11:50 ; Blackboard assignments on Fridays (no class meetings) Spring 2011 Class meetings : Heritage Hall Rm. 121 Instructor: Sharyn Jones Office : Heritage Hall #315, Department of Anthropology Email : Phone : (205) 975-6524 Office Hours Required Texts : 1. Cormier, L. A. and S. R. Jones. 2010 . Introductory Cultural Anthropology: An Interactive Approach . National Social Science Press. **The text can be purchased at a reduced rate online. From the National Digital Company website ( ), click on "Bookstore" and then click on the letter "I" to locate the "Introductory Cultural Anthropology text. Once your order is placed, the publisher will send the student an e-mail with a serial number and directions on how to access the text on-line. The publisher will then mail the digital text on CD with a hardcopy. If you have any questions, please contact Shelly Super, Administrative Manager, National Social Science Press: (619) 647-9906 or via 2. Cormier, L.A. and S. R. Jones. 2010. Humankind: An Introductory Reader for Cultural Anthropology . Cognella University Readers. This textbook is available for purchase at . To purchase the textbook, please follow the instructions below: Step 1: Log on to . Step 2: Create an account or log-in Step 3: Easy to follow instructions will guide you through the rest of the ordering process. Payment can be made by all major credit cards or with an electronic check. Orders are processed within 24 hours. If you experience any difficulties, please e-mail or call 800.200.3908 ext. 503. Suggested Additional Reading: 1. Philippe Bourgois (2003 or 2005) In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in el Barrio , Cambridge Univ. Press. Course Description and Objectives Anthropology is the study of human culture, biology, material life, and language. It is the only scientific discipline devoted to studying cross-cultural variation in human lifestyles and societies. This course is a 3 credit blended learning class designed to present a holistic preview of the sub-field of Cultural Anthropology. Class lectures, assigned readings, and films will be used to enhance your understanding of the subject. Anthropology brings to the forefront an enhanced awareness and understanding of human similarities and differences essential for people preparing to take their place in the increasingly interconnected world of the twenty-first century. Through this course I hope that you will gain an informed understanding of humans, a tolerance for cultural diversity, and insights into the relevance of anthropological thinking to problems in the contemporary world. The
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ANTH_101_Sp_2011_syllabus[1]0 - ANTH 101 Introduction to...

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