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Defourneaux 1 Emily Defourneaux THR 100-1B Cheryl Hall February 9, 2011 A Look into the The Three Sisters Chekhov’s play The Three Sisters is a look into the lives of three sisters who live in a small town with their brother and find life to be dull and hopeless there. The play takes place over what seems to be at least several months if not years and it follows the changes in their lives and the lives of those around them. The play is a naturalistic drama that provides the audience with suspense, foreshadowing, and illustrative relationships. The play also has characters that would seem as if they were real and lines that will echo in the mind. The Three Sisters is a powerful play showing how life can go from bad to worse. The common ground between foreshadowing and suspense is that both are meant to peak your curiosity and pull you farther into the world of the play. In Anton Chekhov’s The Three Sisters , it was the foreshadowing that was more intriguing to this audience member than the suspense. Would Vershinin and Masha admit their love to one another? What will happen if they do? Is Solyony really going to kill anyone who tries to love his exquisite Irina? It draws an audience in, wanting to know if their analysis of the foreshadowing is correct or not. The moment Irina and Solyony are alone in the second act you can feel the suspense
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The_Three_Sisters - Defourneaux 1 Emily Defourneaux THR...

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