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Implementing leadership Change Paper - Implementing...

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Implementing leadership Change Paper 1 Implementing leadership Change Paper Organizational Leadership May 23, 2011 Sometimes a change is necessary for the wellbeing of an organization and is vital to its progress. For this reason upper management at Gene One should consider a change in leadership style and structure.
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Implementing leadership Change Paper 2 Because of the current phenomenon surrounding the potential initial public offering of Gene One, it is necessary to reconfigure the organizational structure so the organization can reach its full growth potential. The organization also desires to expand its research capacity to supply their customers with a complete range of best in class products and services. Currently some key employees are not completely convinced that the executive team in place has adequate abilities to manage properly the implementation of the IPO. In order for Gene One to produce the kind of results their customer base have come to expect, the organization needs to make certain all employees have the essential abilities to accomplish the goal. The company can most excellently accomplish the goal of serving their customers by stimulating the development of the current staff as well as acquire new more skilled employees who can instantly make a contribution to the organization. If Gene One wants to stay viable in the research sector, it would behoove them to acquire new employees with radical methods that will stet them on the right path toward the future. The organization must establish an effective means of communication and confidence among current management if they want to accomplish the chosen outcome. Gene One is an organization well-known for their brilliant work in the biotech industry. The organizations outlook encompasses social improvement through the construction bioengineered products which enhances the standard of living worldwide. Currently Gene One is a privately held organization contemplating an initial public offering to help the organization raise capital to expand research and development of key technologies. Some of the company’s senior employees are worried that the initial public offering will negatively influence the organization and many of their subordinates. The Gene One scenario involves some core class competencies such as interpersonal leadership styles, people-driven leadership, organizational engagement, team construction, and management. Applying core concepts from this course there are potential solutions to Gene One’s
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Implementing leadership Change Paper - Implementing...

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