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/ ,------ j~imits 0 polar/relative coordinates 0 save/end D 0 break 0 erase 0 0 ortho 0 nwve 0 0 dimtxt/dimasz 0 pan 0 trim 0 window! crossing 0 0 extend 0 Print/previe'w/rotate 0 D zoom 0 copy 0 redraw units 0 0 Instructions: Once in the ACAD program, click "View", then "l'oolbars" Select the following toolbars -standard toolbar -Draw - Object Properties - Dimensioning' -Mod'ify - Object Snap Pind the l'lSteri comm anris, ( cltck "lif'lp" then U Au/oCA'O Help Topics"). Once in help 7nenu, type
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Unformatted text preview: in command and click "D1.splay", ,',eled tlte command from the "Topics Found" 7nenu and click .. Display", Close by cl1:cking either th&< ,. X" aT ,)" box COTTl-~'~;~~_jh~c~~~~=I I~~oducticm /0 Au/oCad Tgrm.s-[ 09/99 !~-T 1_ -Vllctor, dwg .L~a1ler':~~Lands! I pagll-.9---'------------...
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