Manufacturing_Processes - Movement is back and forth....

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MANUFACTURING PROCESSES OBJECTIVE: Provide students with fundamental information regarding terminology and processes and assistance in using this information on a drawing. 1. PRODUCTION PROCESSES: A. Changing shape and size of material. Removing Redistributing Adding 2. METAL FORMING: Casting Machining from stock Welding Forming from sheets Forging CASTING: Sand casting Produce rough surface All corners rounded unless machined Material can be added for finishing Often times two different drawings MACHINING FROM STOCK: Lathe Milling machine Drill press Shaper Grinder Planer Boring mill Lathe: Turning, boring, reaming, facing, threading, and knurling. Material is held in a chuck and cutting tool in a holder. Drill press: Drilling, boring, reaming, tapping, counter-boring and counter-sinking. Comes in single or multiple spindle. Milling machine: Feed work into rotating cutter. Cut keyways, Slots, grooves and gears. Shaper: Work held in a vice. Tool on reciprocating head.
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Unformatted text preview: Movement is back and forth. Planer: Work fixed to a table, which moves back and forth. Tool is stationary. Usually for very large projects. Boring Mill: Horizontal and vertical mills. Used for heavy work. Precision machining of large pieces. Grinder: Bench and surface. Removes small amount of material. Gives smooth finished surface. Broaching: Like a big single stroke file. Forced through work to Make a hole the size and shape of the broach. One end usually smaller. 3. MOLDING: Plastics and extruding 4. WELDING: Pieces cut to size, brought together and welded. Weld symbols are used. Pieces individually drawn. 5. SHEET METAL: Material thickness usually uniforms. Thickness not dimensioned. Bend allowance must be calculated. 6. FORGED: Separate drawings for diemaker and machinist Draft angles necessary. 7. HELICAL INTERPOLATION: CNC function for guiding a tool movement along a helical path. X-Y-Z movement at the same time....
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Manufacturing_Processes - Movement is back and forth....

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