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Orthographic Projections Study Guide Study Chapter 6 in Technical Drawing 6.2 The Glass Box 1. What are the three principal dimensions of an object? _____________ _______________ ________________ 2. Figure 6.4 shows the six views of an object as they are unfolded from the Glass Box. Sketch Figure 6.4 in the space below and label each view by name and indicate which of the three principal dimensions are shown on each view? 6.5 Transferring Depth Dimensions 3. What are the three methods for transferring Depth? a.__________________________________________ b.__________________________________________ c.__________________________________________ 4. Which method of transferring depth would work best when using CAD? ___________________________________________________________ 6.9 Partial Views 5. What is a Partial View and when is it used? __________________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: __________________________________________________________________ 6.10 Revolution Conventions 6. Sketch the appropriate side view for each of the front views given below. 7. What is an oblique edge? __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ 8. What is a fillet? _____________________________________________________ 9. What is a round? ____________________________________________________ 10. What is a runout? ___________________________________________________ 11. What Figure in the text book would you refer to if you needed to know what a runout should look like? ____________________________________________________ 12. In the boxes below sketch the top view and the front view of each hole type. Drilled Hole Counterbored Hole Countersunk Hole SpotFaced Hole...
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