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Family Relationships

Family Relationships - about her body and does not seem to...

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Fiona Stokes 4/28/2010 Edu 607.07 Family Relationships In the chapters, the adolescents were greatly influenced by their family based on their relationship with them and how their parents disciplined them. The family systems approach described in the book explains of how family members interact with each other and the understanding of family functioning. It is important to understand how each relationship within the family influences the family as a whole. In chapter 10, Courtney who is only fourteen years old finds herself in a situation where she feels obligated to have sex even though she is insecure
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Unformatted text preview: about her body and does not seem to be mature enough to take on this task. This was a period of disequilibrium, when an adolescent such as Courtney has a key changer happen to her such as her sexual maturity. In Courtney’s family the emotional or affective functions of the family were not present in which the family is supposed to be there to provide the family members with love, nurturance, and affection above anything else. Courtney’s mom painted this false picture of how their family process was, she painted...
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