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W2 Think Do you remember when you first learn a new skill like driving a car, use a computer etc? How do you actually learn it? Yes. I still can remember when my first learn a new skill that is driving a car. There are four-phase which involve. The first step is ignorance where we did not know how to drive a car. When we first went out with an instructor to learn how to drive we arrived at the second phase: knowledge. We still could not drive, but because of we knew the knowledge of the automobile and its parts, we were consciously aware of why we could not. This is the phase where most seminars leave people. With some practice and guidance, we were able to become competent in driving the car through recognition of what we had to do. However, we had to be consciously aware of what we were doing with all of the mechanical aspects of the car as well as with our body. This third phase is the practice stage. There will make mistake at this stage. In fact, it is necessary so we can improve through practice. Most of us, after driving awhile,
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