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Think Have you ever been caned or punish by your parents? Why did they punish you and what were the results of the punishment? Yes, that is for sure that I have been canned by my parents before. They punish me due to the negative behaviour that I have shown. By canning me, they believed that I will scare on keep doing the bad habits and not going to repeat it anymore. They also canned me just because I did not listen to their advice and doing something which is against their opinion or their view. This is another reason for them to cane me so that I will keep in mind that not to oppose and follow what they instruction they have given. As a result of cane, there are positive result and negative result too. For a positive result, I will be an obedient person who listens to the instruction given by old people, especially my parents. As our parents always want us to behave good and by listening to their instructions and recommendation, it will lead us to be a good and useful person in the future. For the negative result, it will form a barrier between my parents and me,
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