Week 8 - WEEK 8 Think Watch the Video clip of a science...

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WEEK 8 Think Watch the Video clip of a science lesson. Is this a good or bad science class? If it is good, why? If it is bad, why? It is a good science class. A good method must be adopted by a teacher for effective teaching to take place. A teacher has many options when choosing a style by which to teach. Teacher is aware that students learn in different ways, and almost all children respond well to praise. Teacher uses techniques which cater to multiple learning styles to help students retain information and strengthen understanding. A variety of strategies and methods are used to ensure that all students have equal opportunities to learn. Questioning A teaching method that includes questioning is similar to testing. The teacher asked a series of questions to collect information of what students have learned and what needs to be taught. Testing is another application of questioning. A teacher tests the student on what was previously taught in order to identify if a student has learned the material. Explaining Another teaching method used is explanation. This form is similar to lecturing. Lecturing is teaching by giving a discourse on a specific subject that is open to the public, usually given in the classroom. This can also be associated with modeling. Modeling is used as a visual aid to learning. Students visualize an object or problem, then use reasoning and hypothesizing to determine an answer. Demonstrating Demonstrations are done to provide an opportunity to learn new exploration and visual learning tasks from a different perspective. The teacher uses experimentation to demonstrate ideas in a science class. A demonstration used in the circumstance of proving conclusively a fact, as by reasoning or showing evidence. Collaborating
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Having students work in groups is another way a teacher can direct a lesson. Collaborating allows students to talk amongst each other and listen to all points of
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Week 8 - WEEK 8 Think Watch the Video clip of a science...

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